As we all know that December is the month full of to “to-do’s” Decorate the house, decorate the Christmas tree, bake the cookies, wrap the presents, see the kids Christmas  programs, make plan with the family. The list could literally go on forever.

Just want to remind you that. While you’re making your list, pay special attention to one particular piece. What can you do to show appreciation to your customers? Who has enough influence over your business that you feel compelled to recognize their importance at this Christmas? Is it a family friend? A small group of people, the people whom you’re getting advice and support for your business even when you’re not there or passing some difficult.

Remember these people are partners in the growing adventure for your business. Take minute this busy season to acknowledge these very important individuals and to encourage these relationships for the older your business gets.

Since these relationships will continue to develop your business, you need to be strategic in both identifying and supporting these key influences in your business’s development.

Ok here is what I mean

1. Giveaways

this make someone’s day good-by giving something away, Also letting someone know you see how they’ve helped you.

2. Leave a note or message

A short written message can show the appreciation.

3. Christmas card

this shows that you care about other people

With these tips you can keep selling and growing your business Awesome! No matter what season you’re in.

What tips do you have for helping women entrepreneurs?

If you have additional comments, please post below i would like to read.




Rule Your Business Like a ShineStar

It’s always a blessing and exciting to see your business grow and continue making  profit. But to remains in that, you have to keep doing things in a proper way to maintain the quality or excellence of your business/service.

Yes, I know as entrepreneurs we experience a lot of challenge, but we have to keep our eyes open all the time on these tips I am going to share with you.

1.Plan ahead

You need to know what you’re going to do to avoid surprise to your customers.

2.Get inspirations

I choose to speak to you this, because sometimes you can wake up and don’t feel like doing anything good or working as you use to work. I tell you my secret ,it’s encouraging and pushing to make another step ahead only when you have internal peace and energy.

3.Arrange your work in order.

Some entrepreneurs want to be told what to do  simply because they think they are too busy or don’t have time to deal with everything. Yes I agree with you, BUT I believe if you write down when each will be done, the work become so easy.

4.Get off  the chair and make follow-up.

You have to know this , the vision is yours and your dream has to come real one day. So it’s important to understand what is going on in your clients or market and what you suppose to do to make your business a better place for your clients.

5.Get more serious on your business.

No matter what, always remember you’re responsible even though we have been afforded the chance to work with dedicated  professional and caring staff. But you have to make sure you understand where the business going.

6.Always work within deadline.

So you can have time to spend in  other things.

I tell you from my experience and commend these tips as a fresh perspective on your daily activities.

Best of luck always.


Today, let’s talk about mastermind groups and importance of  it .First, we have to know that

Entrepreneurial  is not just to do what you love to do ,but how you connect and build the relationship with other entrepreneurs. It is worth to  be a part of a group that supports you, holds you accountable, and shares valuable contacts.

Here, am not talking  about over-selling yourself or your products and services,

BUT participating in discussions in a polite and professional manner and basically, adding value by being a member of a group.

These are the facts of why you have to join one of the groups or start one;

1.Helps you to grow

groups are an easy way of networking, they can quickly make you  to grow fast. That is why it is important to use your time wisely and your efforts sensibly to make the groups actually work for you and your business.

2.Share ideas

The advantage of being a member is that you get time to visit and share you idea , others meet after 2 week or once per month  it depends with a group calendar or agreement . I created one group of entrepreneurs that meet once per month to discuss our business, share ideas, and help each other grow.

Another advantage of participating in these groups is that you’re exposed to a wide variety of opinions, views and  different suggestions

3.Is a motivational boost

Being part of a group, participating in discussions and voicing your opinions can boost your spirit as an entrepreneur, we all need a Motivational Boost from time to time.

Keep in mind that you can stay motivated by choosing a perfect group for your and while

you’re in a group don’t waste time to participate in another things which does not build your business or group business. Instead, focus on groups discussion and your business ..

You can try to start one or join one in your community. It’s WORTH

Tell me know how can I help you

Best  of   luck.

3 primary reason to become an entrepreneur

Ladies, did you know that entrepreneurship is becoming a big deal today? So I decided to share with you some fundamental reason why am telling you to start thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, not only an entrepreneur BUT a visionary entrepreneur.

Ok, without wasting you’re time I have found 3 primary reasons that I can challenge you today to become an entrepreneur.

Here’s what I mean

1. You do what you love.

I always telling people, always do what you love to do and try to be creative and smart so you can benefit from it. Because “What you enjoying to do is most important to you, if you’re a designer or anything just do it with your all skills. Same applies to another area of expertise. Ask yourself how can you do with you’re skills and talent to attract other people and make money out of it? I believe there’s a way

2. You help people

If you really want to make different to somebody’s life and help more people to become independent financially .I mean able to support himself or herself and their families , as we see and hear a lot of debates about people loosing their jobs and rising of price .So there you become a bridge or an important person by create job opportunities to other people and allow them to nourish and grow with you .At the same time you reduce number of unemployment and support those who care about what you’re doing.

This is what am talking about. When you become an entrepreneur automatically soon or later you will need some people to work with you, it doesn’t matter if is one person, two or three. The point here is, to get something done .And I know as your project grow you will find the demand of employ more staffs to cover some areas at your business. In another word you have opened door of opportunities to others. Tell me how good it is!

3. You can make a great investment

You have the opportunity to achieve whatever you want in life and put you’re goals into reality but you have to know what you want and how you’re going to achieve first.

WOW! What a wonderful opportunity to make money from the thing you love to do most. But you probably think about time, effort and energy you’ will need to use to become in a position of making a profit.

If so, I have great news for you

Take you’re time to find people who inspire you and love to see you make another step in life, Tell them about your plans and heart desire of becoming an entrepreneur, take their advise and try to work on it seriously. Although you may find hard right now, but I promise you will make it. Because what you plant now you will harvest later no matter how long it’s going to take so don’t worry.

And keep in mind that you will face some challenge may be but you will have to conquer them.

My Best always, and Let me hear from you.

6 Best approach to gain new business

Hi everyone,

I just got an email from one of my clients asking me the best  approach she can use to gain new business in this tough economy.

I said to her  and again am going to  say it to you  ,There are so many strategies you can employ to approach new business. And I know you know, But may be you don’t care just because no one seems to really be interested with  what you’re doing . I want to empower you today with  some of the strategies which I see are the best for you to know and keep doing for your business/product to grow

First,you have to make sure  you’re in the right place at the right time. You can ask me what does that mean ?Or how ?.This is the deal. Let’s pretend that you’re in a publishing  industry and your core business are coming from kids books and school books, so you see the only place you can go or visit is schools,churches,parents meeting and more places , Or let say  you’re in hospital industry ,the place to be is in people who are in need of  that kind of service otherwise you miss .The list goes on and on, I hope you get an idea now

Second, another tool which I see as a  powerful tool , is to use your existing clients or customers, remember these  customers are the one who can bring more businesses to you  just because they have used your product and have the facts about your service or product. But just one condition apply here” if you only  treat them nicely“. Now you can see, to get this ,you have to  make sure you keep a close relationship with your clients/customers ,maintain the quality of your product or service and be there when they need you.

Third, Introduction letter, Send introduction letters  as many as you can to seniors and decision makers of the companies .Because at the end of the day they are the one who can give you  business. If possible ask them to schedule a business meeting for them. Tell them your objective and what you’re going to  offer  if they give you a business, if it’s a discount/giveaways or anything. This is how business going. Don’t waste time.

Fourth, Business visit, This can sound like an old  fashion  today, but I am telling you it’s working. Some prospects clients  fill good and special when you pay them a visit. So for you it can be a  great gear of approaching new business. But don’t forget to make an appointment for your visit.

Fifth,Advertising.Yeah this one is costing but it pays back if you know how to use it smartly .People build confidence with the product you sell when they hear and see it from the radio and TV.I suggest if you business is doing fine you better do it, but for the small business there so many ways to advertising  your business, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, newsletters, blogs, guest posting, pod casts, referrals, word-of-mouth, loyalty programs, contests, giveaways, collaborations, demonstrations, catalogues, flyers, brochures .Just make sure the logo, vision and objectives  are written clearly and if possible avoid using a trick language because it will cost you  when your customers lately  realize it wasn’t real or as they expected .

Six, You can arrange a cocktail party at least once in a three months for customers and your staffs(existing customers and prospects customers). Let your customers hear direct from you or any other guest of honor you have chosen to speak from your senior management team , give them a free discussion forum. So they can open their heart to tell you what they will like you to do if they decide to choose you or decide to continue doing business with you.

As I told you before, there are so many approach but these are some I recommend you to use. Once you do let me hear from you.

Also you can share you opinion with other small entrepreneurs here.

Success depends on individuals and how badly do you want it and what are you willing to do for it

whether you want to become a success entrepreneur,or start a business, make a million dollars or simply find guidance and direction.The success is depending on person and how badly do you want it. And once you know the principle and trust to put your all energy and effort the success and rewards are guarantee.

Remember, you are responsible for your life. Somebody can say, how could this happen? Well you know many of us today believe that somehow,somewhere,someone is responsible for this life I live or this career options or amazing relations I have and so so many. But the answer is No because it doesn’t work that way. I believe everybody has the responsibility for his or her life, and everybody has a unique energy. It’s the matter of knowing how, where and when to use it.

So as your continuing reading this article you will understand many of us get afraid to use our energy maybe because of some good or bad reasons and life experience you had or have in your life and unfortunately these reasons, experience and excuses can lead us either to be among a successful people or among a failure people, completely failure! I mean you don’t knowwhat to do or you don’t see anything to do, totally blind.

Today as you keep reading you will find the easiest way to take your life out of the bondage. Bondage of mediocrity,bondage of failure and bondage of fear to try something.I, myself believe that you can be a better person once you know better, or know exactly what  you suppose to do. Last week as I was watching Daystar channel I saw a young man who has not have both two legs and two arms and he was confidently speaking to thousands of college students and trying to  motivate other young students here in USA.It was like a reminding call to me.

And as I was keeping watching him and listening a very powerful words he was speaking to that thousands of students I was like Ooh my God!I have no excuse of anything and I looked at myself and say I will have to continue  pushing hard to get where I want to be.It is possible, you know. And if you agree with me today  that I need badly to be a successful entrepreneur  please take my advice as you keep reading you will see some factors I mentioned  and if you say Vero I think I need more help on how to go through it let me know.

  1. Take a full responsibility of yourself
  2. Put fear away from you.
  3. Believe in yourself
  4. Teach yourself a good things
  5. Be surrounded with successful people
  6. Love to learn a new and good things
  7. Set your goals
  8. Stand on your goals
  9. Commit yourself to your  goals
  10. Learn how to achieve your goals
  11. Now,there you are! Enjoy  life and be good to others

If you want to be successful, gain respect of others then you need to do these .I know it’s not easy though, Most of us we fail but we don’t dwell on our failure once you see that you have fail or did a mistake, you quickly stand and try again. You know the more you try the more energy and experience you get. Keep going until you get what you want. Does that sound easy now? If the answer is YES please start changing your life status right away and if you are still thinking on how you’re going to make it.Please never loss hope take one cause at time no matter how long is going to take but the good news is, you show yourself and the world that you can use your energy in the right way. I believe you will get help from friends, relatives, co-workers along the way once they see you’re trying to do something good for yourself and others.

As I’m going to finish my article I would like you to know that, you’re so special,unique and very important into this world. And remember everybody has her/his own flavor to add to make world a better place to live

Stay blessed until next time. You can talk to me on tweeter,Facebook or email to me vabisay@hotmail.com

My best always.


So you’ve seen 8 things that can lead you to the coaching business, and have chosen to start your own coaching business.

Now you need to make it a career — but are perhaps a bit lost. I have to admit I was there, only a few years ago, and a few years later I’ve successfully done it, even if I’m a bit seen better days from the challenge.

It’s not easy — I’ll tell you that up front. If you hope to make it you’ll need to find many guides, never stop learning.

So you have your passion to be a business coach? Here’s how again to turn it into action.

1. TRUST- Trust that you have chosen a perfect path and exactly it is going to happen as you see it in your mind. Trust it with your all mind, if you get trouble on trusting just practice from today I promise you will see some changes. Remember this doesn’t happen overnight but it takes some effort and practice

2. SPEAK-Don’t feel shy, you know the more you speak the more energy you get and become stronger from your inner foundation for successes. Use friends, clients or reader feedback to help.

3. DECLARE-This is where people  getting to know you, you can start  at anywhere, wherever  you get chance to say something to other people just mention your idea(business) with confidence and believe that this business is going to take me to somewhere and the same times you’re helping others

4. ACT- Do not put this step off for months and months ,this is just more doing and learning, you can start low but the main thing is to keep getting experience, and to get clients who can recommend you to others. You get to work hard to grab their mind. Slowly do some changes as your skills improve.

5. BUILD INCOME STREAMS- Here is where the money starts coming in. You can start this step at any time — don’t wait until you’ve done all the other steps. Build as many income streams as you can, one at a time. For example regular consultancy, teaching people how to do something you know how to do, a membership website that charges a small monthly fee and so many.

You business and life will look different because you have power within you and thank you to yourself that you have decided to take it as a serious business. I promise you will get amazing how things moving so smooth and fast if you decide to do these.