Do we have poor women among Us?

The answer is yes.

There are many  women who are depressed and rejected because of their
present circumstances. They have no songs in their hearts or praises on their
lips. Their past is full of regrets and the future promises nothing better.
Many of them are poor in spirit because they are poor in pocket and vice versa.
Food, clothing, shelter and security for them are matters that always need
urgent attention. Time seems very slow in changing their chances and the years
are swiftly slipping by. To date, they have not had a chance to enjoy the good
gifts that life offers to millions. Pleasure, peace, joy and justice remain in
the distance. Setting up a commission of enquiry to determine the cause of
their lot will bring no relief in the near or even distant future.

Here is a point of view you should not miss. The poor among us should not be
viewed as a bother, but as a brother or sister who provides opportunities for
us to live our purpose on Earth – to add value to others. When we give to them
they are empowered: our generosity tells them that they are recognized as people
(women) of value who have a right to the necessities of life just like the rest
of us. If they are hungry and we feed them, their brain and other cells in
their body will become ‘alive’. They will begin to think and help to solve
problems – starting with their own. I have met many quotes, unquote poor people
who have moved up the ladder of independence because someone provided a helping
hand. What if we should all begin to see the poor as an asset? Would we not be
happy to have them around us every day? Well, if we believe the promise of the
passage quoted above, the poor are definitely an asset. Let us embrace the
thought, act on it and watch the experience propel our lives beyond our wildest
dreams of prosperity.

The poor we will always have; do not waste the opportunity to bless them.
You will be blessed in return.

Act now, ask later


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