Financial Things To Do

I want to give you the technique  that bring success and joy for you and your
family, I’ve created a list of “Things To Do ” as guidelines for you to

1. Prepare a net worth statement as of
January 1 to give yourself a picture of your current financial position.

2. Prepare another statement at the end of the year to see how much progress
you made during the year.

3. Create a budget to guide your spending for a year.

4. Get in the habit of saving by setting aside a set amount each week.

5. Review your investment portfolio to ensure that it matches your asset
allocation goals.

6. Look for ways to reduce your total debt or to reduce the cost of your

7. If you have a small child, look into setting up a school and college fund,

To get the whole financial skill package you can email us to attend to one of our training or talk to one of our officer at the nearest
office for more details.


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