Celebrate the small success

Achieving debt freedom is a marathon. We didn’t get into debt overnight. We shouldn’t expect to resolve the debt immediately either.

The discipline and pain associated with overcoming debt’s stranglehold are necessary to create the character and scars that will help you avoid the same mistakes moving forward. This difficult journey is filled with bumps and bruises; but it doesn’t cost to smell the roses along the way.

Sometimes we have to encourage ourselves!

  • Take advantage of free activities in your city. Festivals,
    concerts, etc. Many of these activities are free. Treat yourself to an outing
    on the city
  • Turn on the music at home and have a dance party with the family.
    Sounds goofy? Try it.
  • Host an event and game night. Invite some friends over for a
    night of board games and shared dishes. Let everyone know your progress toward
    your goal and use the encouragement to sustain your momentum.
  • Take the family on a picnic. Sandwiches and snacks don’t
    have to break your food budget. Make sure you plan for the added expense, but a
    change of scenery reinvigorates your journey.
  • Review your progress. This simple exercise can and should be
    done on a regular basis whether you have one month under your belt or two
    years. If you are creating a monthly budget and posting it, you can file away
    past months. When you get discouraged, look over past budget sheets to help you remember how far you’ve come.

Create a system of encouragement that works for your situation. This will help keep you focused on your debt free goals! This just makes good cents!


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