You Want To Be a Woman Entrepreneur – So why are you holding back?

You have a body/mind for a reason and your spirit, your Authentic Self, must express itself via this outward body form. The unfortunate thing is that if you wire your brain with faulty information that disempowers you, your brain does not stop you. Your brain is going to go after what you focus on and when it becomes your belief, your “reality” will just keep showing up!

Your reality is really what you have trained your perceptual system to believe is true for you by holding your thoughts and feelings onto ways of thinking long enough, or with enough emotion that it gets wired into your body at a cellular level. This is science, not woo-woo. We just don’t know what we don’t know and until we change this, we will keep getting whatever we’ve been getting – for better or for worse, again the brain does not judge. So you want to be an entrepreneur? Here are 3 ideas to consider:

1. Get clear about what you want – Do you have a vision? I coach my clients on how toget clear, and go deeper and eliminate “cataracts of the soul” that block their vision for business and relationship success, and then help to point their missile-like seeking brains in the right direction.

2. Stop putting yourself down – Self-doubt and negative self-talk is deadly to career transition. Did you know that research shows that negative self-talk is a major cause of stress and stress is even linked with brain cell damage and cancer.You won’t have confidence doing this, yet we have been conditioned to think that we keep ourselves “humble” this way. This is not even what humility is from my point of view. You can’t get out your box playing small.

3. Learn how to shift your energy and drop the drama so that you can attract more of what you want
– I can tell you that it takes more than just rolling up your sleeves andcollecting information on the Internet to be successful. The question is, who are you attracting, is the information appropriate for our day, and can you take action? Knowledge is not power; application of cutting-edge “right” information and good relationship skills pave the way to success. You can accomplish more easier as you learn how to shift your energy to a higher way of being.

These are 3 ideas to consider and if you look carefully, they are ultimately related to “how” you see yourself in relationship to life and others. It is also important to note that simply working hard will not do it. In fact, I’m learning by experience more and more that my mindset and energy is the golden key to allowing my Authentic Light and power come through.

Sure this is a process, yet it moves as fast as your clarity and internal shifting moves and this is based more on intention and listening to your own inner guidance than anything else. Are you listening? The power has always been within, yet with the challenges we are faced with today, it is imperative that we learn how to tap into our inner resources, as business as usual is no longer working. Career transition can be an adventure and expand your personal power when you come from the inside out!


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