6 Best ways to pay loan peacefully

I have seen people struggling on paying the loan as I was struggling too. And it’s also true that the loan is a Huge burden BUT  loan
has helped so many women around the world what I have learnt, loan need discipline and very close supervision to avoid ridiculously expensive and get into default.

If you have it or plan to have one don’t worry best thing you can do is;

  1. Add extra money to you minimum payment depending upon whether your debt is less 5,000 or between
    5,001-10,000 or greater than 10,001 respectively.
  2. Double you payment if possible to cut  some of  installments
  3. Deposit on time to avoid bad record from lender.
  4. If you have problem talk to your lender about it so you can reschedule your loan to avoid going to beyond maturity.
  5. Build a good relationship with your lender so he/she can be at you’re side when need arise or being your  referral to other lenders in the future.
  6. Update your information, many of us forget to update our new address or place so lenders can’t find us when grace period is over or repayment is due.

By doing these you can avoid to destroy your reputation and be a good customer


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