How to be a Better home –business woman

Having an at-home business and maintaining a healthy work/life/family balance doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. And have seen
more women  struggling on how to balance all these Here are few steps to a better balancing act.

  1. 1.Get real about how much practical time you have each day

Woman entrepreneurs don’t usually have the same 9-6 concert that women who work outside the home do. Think about your days and begin to notice the models – which hours are your most productive? Which are near impossible to get anything done? What daily activities do you need to work around, like school drop off, lacrosse practice or any other appointments? Once you’ve recognized these patterns, pencil in those hours on your desk calendar

2.Smash them down

You’ve got your office hours, so now you need to break them down into smaller chunks with corresponding to-do. Maybe you use the first 30 minutes to beat through your 10 oldest emails and use the next 30 to check your email replies. Then maybe you make a 20 minute phone call before using your last 60 minutes to write the sales page for your newest product. Write down these bite-sized to-dos in your daily calendar and then take pleasure in checking them off, one by one.

3.Set your office hours

Now you know how much workable time you DO have each day, so it’s time to set your office hours. If possible, create a regular schedule of office hours like, 10am-2pm or 2pm-5pm. This will help you plan your day better and it’ll help your customers and clients know when they can expect to meet with you, hear from you, etc. Post your office hours on your website or blog and add them to your email signature instead of an annoying auto-responder. Sorry, Jane Smith. And if you have younger children at home with you, try to make your office hour’s fun for them while helping them understands that you’re working. Set an egg timer to go off in 30 minute intervals and create “fun circuits” to fill up the time – let them take the contents of your shredder and nest their stuffed animals in it, have them refill your printer with paper, or have them color, read or (gasp) watch their favorite show.

4.Do not disturb

Treat your office hours as holy, barring any family emergencies of course. During your office hours, let phone calls go to voice mail, close your email client and for heaven’s sake, stop Twittering and Face booking. You need every minute of your office hours and you have no time to waste on distractions and disruptions. The same goes for family and friends who call or drop by during your work time. Politely tell them that you’re working for the next couple hours but would love to catch up later.

Commit to trying these steps for at least 3 weeks. Really let them go under the surface  and see how they make you feel about your work/life balance.


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