It was a very hard day, when I saw someone kicking and shouting to his wife. He wanted his wife to say where she was, so he started to ask but
the more he was asking the more he was getting annoyed, because his wife was refused to speak and went direct to the bedroom, her husband followed up and kept on asking because he wanted to hear.

You know, she is a reason of writing this article. There were a lot of things I learnt from that scenario.

Can you spot her mistake? I’m sure she didn’t make every mistake from my experience .But she made quite a few

Many people describe excuse at the thing they believe will offer the greatest relief and make life easy.Which is TRUE,But using excuse in a bad way won’t speed a relief instead it can easily speed the destruction and anger between…If you have used Excuse word  at work, in business or at home and you have seen yourself  stressed  and chaos  that means you’re using it in a bad way. This is common excuse mistakes anybody can do so we need to be careful

Here are some mistakes to avoid when you use “Excuse” word.

  1. Don’t shout-Different people react differently? How I react to my anger  is different from how you react. So I recommend treat it in a polite way and see how the victim will feel.
  2. Don’t look over the places-Don’t say and looking to other things,do face to face conversation if that you care and that words are coming from you and there’s no any outside pressure that pushing you.
  3.  Don’t talk about your problems-.Unfortunately, many people find a reason to cover their problems or weakness with friends’ relatives, and co-workers.NOT SMART.remember people don’t want to hear your problems or weakness  so be SMART
  4.   Don’t make fun while saying the word excuse-Excuse generally lift up the respectful character. That character shows victim  what you’re saying is true and fair there’s “No” any sign of anger .A common mistake is people think I’m OKAY as long as I did mention Excuse  .Again NOT SMART. You know it’s good to behave nicely and treat others good because you can easily get yourself into trouble.
  5. Not taking too long – It’s not easy for victim to wait for your excuse,If you have done wrong just correct it right away,and close the deal by saying“Exuce me” for…………

That’s why Govas is here, you’ll get the techniques you need to do things the right way.


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