If you have asked yourself where the investors put their money? four out of five entrepreneurs thinking the same. You know Investors looking here and there to get the clear picture on where to invest. Searching for companies record to help them make the right decision. I believe every entrepreneur needs a good returns the same to Investors, looking for the business which will make a good returns for the next  two or three years no matter what. So you can see! to convince investors to put money into your business is not a joke we need to take it with care.

You can ask Do the rich people or Investors stop to support or investing to the small entrepreneurs who are in need of investment? All were the questions I was asking myself. The answer is NO. They are still giving out a millions of money .But as entrepreneurs we need to learn and understand how to approach the investors

Here are the things you have to know

  1. Set the clear vision of your business
  2. Understand your industry/business
  3. Prepare a good business plan-your business plan has to sounds promising
  4. Prepare your financial reports.-Atleast 2 years
  5. Set a good management system
  6. Make sure your business will add value to human life
  7. Do Rehearsal for presentation –Because I promise you, the more they rehearse, and the more you can relax and enjoy your presentation when they call you to present.
  8. Don’t put stories-Just because you fear that  your speech won’t be seen as “high content”.NO
  9. Get help – The biggest mistake ever. So many entrepreneurs we forget how close the help we need is,i suggest you talk to other entrepreneurs to learn more
  10. Health starts on your presentation-don’t start your presentations by nonsense around and not getting to the point fast enough.
  11. Focused thinking – If they want you to explain what they want, say it in a clear and concise way.

Do you agree with me? Let me hear what you think.


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