3 Things to consider before jump to Global competition

How to Succeed in the Biggest Market Opportunity,” the success comes when you get the ability to ask the right questions and find the right answers. Here is a touching questions.

Does my business have quality to compete the global market?

What about Quantity?am I capable to give enough quantity when needed?

What about financial stability? Do I have enough funds to support my business?

Let us go one by one question so we don’t miss the point

1. Financial StabilityHere is all about budgets, do you have enough fund to support your business. If not for now ,what plan do you have ?How much are you expecting to come in .Budget provide a foundation for planning of all kinds, preparing for a large cost, looking for a loan or investment and enable you to cross the border,I suggest you prepare a solid budget, which will let you see where you want to go.

2. Product quality Is the collection of features and characteristics of a product that contribute to its ability to meet given requirements. Or we can say is to creating standards for producing acceptable products.Okay, when we talk about product quality that includes three (3) views for describing the overall quality of product. First is the view of manufacturer who is primary concerned with design, engineering and manufacturing process involved in fabricating the product.So we need to be very carefully on this because this can lead to poor quality and low reliability

Second is the view of the consumer or user. A consumer looking a high –quality product that wills satisfies their favorites and expectations.

Third, is to consider the product itself as a system and to join those characteristics that pertain directly to the operation and functionality of the product. So the product should include overlap of the manufacturer and customer views.

3. Quantity-Is good to have your product ready. I mean if someone wants to order a quantity of 500-10000 of your product, it has to be ready otherwise you miss

Please take your time to make sure everything you need it’s there, to assure the possibility of winning the game (global market), here I mean all resources


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