Is your vision bigger than your business?

If you’re like many small business entrepreneurs, you’ve set to get your business going, you’ve taken risks, overcome some obstacles and now your business is doing ok.And you want it to be doing great! That is what we all looking for because we didn’t start a business to stay mediocre. But to grow and rich to our profit line fast
May be you have asked for so many years what can I do for this business to grow big as I want it to be or as i see it in my vision? You’re now in dilemma to continue doing, change or quit. But I’m here to tell you that, there’s always a solution to every situation .

But you have to be ready to run a bit, I mean to do things that you have ever think that you could do .And one thing you should know first is, never-never  give up easily .Because if you give up someone will take advantage of you and suddenly you will find him or her excel from the same business you gave up. This happened once to me years back and I will never recommend you to go into that situation. It was very bad experience.
Take a pencil and piece of paper and start to write what hindering you business to be BIG .I know you will get many reasons if you will be true to yourself. But here are some things which may help you to hit to the point very quickly.
1. Try to restructure your management team-Try to see  if you could reform your management team to get a strong and active people in your team to take your business to the next level. Management is everything, so be very carefully to point someone to join the team.
2.Truly, Look at your service you provide-Is it well-balanced. Because I have seen some business entrepreneurs trying to please customers and forget to weigh out if they will do this to customers what the impact will be to the company. It is good to balance otherwise you will work under pressure and loss.
3. Look at you charges and fees. If there’s need of changing please do it. Let me give you a good example  may be you’re a transporter or manufacturer you  have seen that fuel surcharge has increase to may be 10% or 20% of your total cost due to  oil demand in the world market. As a business entrepreneur you have to do something quick if not you will not make any profit than pleasing a customer.

4. Create new things or new project-Staying in one project for so long, sometimes increase a chance for not growing so fast. So something has to be done, be creative with your team. Do enough research which will lead you to the adding something new.
5. Find any DORMANT area which  can be used as a ladder to reach into you big vision – Here it can be your staff, your bank, your partners, friends, relatives and social networking site. I remember when I started my business i was  like a crazy thinking and struggling that where and how can I raise my capital  and I’m telling you I was  completely forgotten that the people I have connected with, are the one who can help me to raise money. So be clever when you reach into that point.
Before I reach to an end of this  article let me give you the smallest secret tool I used to raise money at that time and I’m still using it. Be good on building your business credit card , in other countries where do not use a credit card please use your bank account smartly to produce money for your business by managing you’re cash follow .
Do these five steps and I guarantee that you are on your way toward taking your business to the next step, and see your big vision comes true if this is what you want? If you do nothing, well, you’ll stay just where you are


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