Hi friends,

Many of us know Oprah Winfrey as a pioneer on empowering
women to live their life.25 years of Oprah Winfrey show have shown greatest achievements not only to herself but to other people especially women who are in love and inspired with her life in general. I can really tell that I felt in love with Oprah Winfrey Show from the first day I watched her show in 2007 and I didn’t expect to hear that Oprah show is going to an end just like that. I’m telling you it was a very sad day to me but nothing to do than saying THANK YOU OPRAH for enlighten me in so many ways your among three women inspiring me a lot .Listening and watching to your shows it was something that gave me energy to continue doing with what I’m doing and find more how I can be a better person to me and to others.

I had loved to share Oprah’s message with my husband and other friends every day. I can say I was like addicted with her show. I quoted one sentence from one of the guests when I was watching her finale and she said this.”Oprah you don’t have your own children but you have many children around the world .I can’t tell you how much I cried when I was listening to that words.Oprah herself couldn’t stand to that words.

And these are 3 things I would like to share with you from Oprah finale show

1. You’re responsible for your life and energy you’re giving  to others-It is true Oprah and this means a lot to me that whatever life I  will end up with, I’m  the one who is  responsible  ,WHY because I  have the power to change the way I live ,the way I do things and more. The same applies to you my friend

2. Live your life-When I was trying to digest those words and trying to think why Oprah was saying that. And here are the reasons of her saying,we have to love the way we are, and try to help others to live their life and
make world a better place to live do things as if you have today only. So when you think into that way you will find yourself doing the best as much as you can  and treat others the same way

3.No matter where you came from-what making sense  is where you’re  going  (what dreams do you have)and  how are you going to fulfill them .She believes that everyone has the  power to do something ,also she believes that everyone has  been gifted since she or he was born. So is up to us to find where our muscle is.

I have tried to share with you some as I’m trying to spread the word and try to be a part of her movement  says “Find out how you can change someone Life”.

Thanks Oprah!


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