8 Things To Be Creative and Generate Twice Profit For Your Business

Well, we’re all unique—so why should we settle for the same product? According to the market research they are so many companies that serve the same products like my company but what I do is to give my product a taste and personalities from creativity knowledge and expertise I have .Because by doing that, I’m sure it will give twice the profit.

Let say you have company that makes popcorn, you can give your popcorn a flavor that nobody else giving .Creativity is a very BIG BIG deal to any business.

If you don’t know how to do, find a professional people to do it for you. After many years in business I came to realize that customers always looking for new things in the market.

If you agree with me you can follow these steps I give to make your business a perfect place for your customers and generate more profit for your business.

1.Find out what is missing from your competition. Remember customers want different things than you think they want. So from there you will
get an idea on how to give creativity chance to take your business to the next level

2.Find out what your market wants – Do it fast, this will help to influence your competition’s weaknesses and possibly to capture their customers easily

3.Try to ask you potential customers how happy are they with your product or service surveys, blog comments or even reading through forums  and other sites ,You can use this  techniques for finding out what’s going through your customer’s minds. And if you can get a few potential customers on the phone and start to talk to them, you’ll get pure gold.

4.Listen to your customers simply talk to them one-on-one. Get them on the phone and ask them what they need now, and what they’ll need later.

5.Listen to the specific words they use, and write them down. It takes time, but it’s an investment that will help you make more sales every day – and that’s more money in your pocket.

6.Ask your staff to see if they are comfortable with the service or product they sell, If not ask what more should you do to make it better.

7.Go with the technology, never afraid of technology, try to go with it, learn how you can adopt new things to your business from technology.

8.Be up to date by connecting with professional people like consultant, advisors and other expert, WHY, because these people see and hear a lot from other entrepreneurs (competitions)

Rolling your eyes over your business can tell there’s major creativity missing but it is yet to take care for your business. Stops imagine… and take action today.

I can be your help just email me for any question you have about this topic.


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