8 Things that can lead you to start a Coaching Business

Business coaching is a  fairly professional that has started to establish itself in the business sector. I was reading one day and found the origins of course come from the sporting arena where coaches helped athletes achieve their goals.

One thing to know,Coaching is a slightly different concept to consulting. But in a nutshell,consulting implies that you identify a problem that a client has and you propose a solution. Coaching is more than making things easy that the client can self-help.

These are things I did when I started my coaching career and you can also apply if you’re serious on doing coaching business.

  1. Know  the problem you what to solve
  2. Go to that group of people or organization and see what they are doing, look at their strategic plan to give you a good start.
  3.  Look at market around you and position yourself  that I am a specific journalist business coach, small business coach or specific business coach concentrate  in IT industries,Manufacturing,Hospitality,Accounting  industries and so many.
  4. Set a coaching methodology  that will allow your clients to see where are they now? Where are they headed and what do they need to do to get there.
  5. Introduce useful reports like a score card report, KPI’s and others to make easily follow-up with your client and take your client to the next level.
  6. Categories your coaching style if it’s one on one coaching, group coaching or coaching over the phone and through email all is up to you.
  7.  Walks your talk-Always clients will like to take you as a mentor and Coach so try be a good example.
  8. Refresh yourself by attending coaching programs to improve your level of understanding about the whole process, and give you new ideas on how to improve customer’s satisfaction.

I will help you to achieve your goal of starting coaching business if you allow me to coach you. I can’t wait to hear from you


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