So you’ve seen 8 things that can lead you to the coaching business, and have chosen to start your own coaching business.

Now you need to make it a career — but are perhaps a bit lost. I have to admit I was there, only a few years ago, and a few years later I’ve successfully done it, even if I’m a bit seen better days from the challenge.

It’s not easy — I’ll tell you that up front. If you hope to make it you’ll need to find many guides, never stop learning.

So you have your passion to be a business coach? Here’s how again to turn it into action.

1. TRUST- Trust that you have chosen a perfect path and exactly it is going to happen as you see it in your mind. Trust it with your all mind, if you get trouble on trusting just practice from today I promise you will see some changes. Remember this doesn’t happen overnight but it takes some effort and practice

2. SPEAK-Don’t feel shy, you know the more you speak the more energy you get and become stronger from your inner foundation for successes. Use friends, clients or reader feedback to help.

3. DECLARE-This is where people  getting to know you, you can start  at anywhere, wherever  you get chance to say something to other people just mention your idea(business) with confidence and believe that this business is going to take me to somewhere and the same times you’re helping others

4. ACT- Do not put this step off for months and months ,this is just more doing and learning, you can start low but the main thing is to keep getting experience, and to get clients who can recommend you to others. You get to work hard to grab their mind. Slowly do some changes as your skills improve.

5. BUILD INCOME STREAMS- Here is where the money starts coming in. You can start this step at any time — don’t wait until you’ve done all the other steps. Build as many income streams as you can, one at a time. For example regular consultancy, teaching people how to do something you know how to do, a membership website that charges a small monthly fee and so many.

You business and life will look different because you have power within you and thank you to yourself that you have decided to take it as a serious business. I promise you will get amazing how things moving so smooth and fast if you decide to do these.


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