As we all know that December is the month full of to “to-do’s” Decorate the house, decorate the Christmas tree, bake the cookies, wrap the presents, see the kids Christmas  programs, make plan with the family. The list could literally go on forever.

Just want to remind you that. While you’re making your list, pay special attention to one particular piece. What can you do to show appreciation to your customers? Who has enough influence over your business that you feel compelled to recognize their importance at this Christmas? Is it a family friend? A small group of people, the people whom you’re getting advice and support for your business even when you’re not there or passing some difficult.

Remember these people are partners in the growing adventure for your business. Take minute this busy season to acknowledge these very important individuals and to encourage these relationships for the older your business gets.

Since these relationships will continue to develop your business, you need to be strategic in both identifying and supporting these key influences in your business’s development.

Ok here is what I mean

1. Giveaways

this make someone’s day good-by giving something away, Also letting someone know you see how they’ve helped you.

2. Leave a note or message

A short written message can show the appreciation.

3. Christmas card

this shows that you care about other people

With these tips you can keep selling and growing your business Awesome! No matter what season you’re in.

What tips do you have for helping women entrepreneurs?

If you have additional comments, please post below i would like to read.