Govas was created by a woman who wanted to empower women  in a different ways and  make sure that woman can be able to stand independently and support her family and bring changes to the community.

If you’re a Woman entrepreneur, you’ve come to the right place.



A good business requires a clear understanding of how to carry it. This is also true with regards to Govas  training programs. If you want a good returns on your business, do not take shortcuts on training expenses.

The intention of this training is to make sure that the women who have business or  take a loan actually know how to generate income and some already have some hints on how  the loan operates so this is necessary not only for their progress but how  to deal with the risk factors and market analysis.Usually   the course takes up to two weeks beginning with the orientation, group sharing and business management. It is fully packed course and we make sure during this time the participants attend and actively participate in the training later are assessed by our  trainers and certificate is issued for those who successful completed the course.When the training occur the participants attention is captured by offering them with meals and facilities they need like transport to and from the training.

Training in Govas can be done on-site or off-site and we can give a training  for a specific target groups. If your place is too far or your budget does not cater for high travel expenses, order at least the training manual and organize training for your staff or group.

We welcome a chance to train women entrepreneurs of all ages.

This is sensitive area untill all the processes have been followed like visiting the place of business,working closely with the group for three weeks and local authority and signing the paper work it is then we trust and we lend the group.Also depending upon the needs and requirements,(here we base often on the evaluation of our Loan Officers and the business visit reports that is offered to us by the Loan officers.Usually the  the first cycle start with 100USD to 300 USD which is reasonable  for the standard of living and the cost of things.We usually meet regularly once in a week to offer support and encouragement BUT also RETURN of our loans


With the intention of providing on going support to the women who get soft loan,to offer them with the necessary knowledge they need in their daily basis.It is intended to deal with not only with the loan management but the life challenges at home and their surrounding circumstances.One the things we come across is how  do I mange my family and business?One of our clients asked in our seminar.Kids and career,job and life problems,risk and uncertainties,sexual transmitted diseases and AIDS,and more things like this.How to deal with

stress and anxiety,pregnancy and nutrition are the basic skill the members or clients need often times in their course of working out of difficulties.So here we offer general topics and ask experts from medical,education fields to join us for sessions like this.

We assume that  helping our clients with life challenges is the way to make them grow in their working with money and economy


Here we link up with big companies like  business communities,government leaders,hotels,Casinos,restaurants including with our potential donors,we display our mission and activities BUT also a performance from 10 of our members.Govas see potentials in networking not only for the growth of the organisation but also for the benefits of our members and Govas community at large.


Our goal here is two-fold,to help members access health services from the health centre and to give first aid to our members.It should be understood that we only offer first aid or just basic health needs like wounds,simple headache,stop bleeding and help members later to reach the health centre.The basic principle to this aspect is how we help members in economic well-being if they are sick and physically cannot work.Anothe target here is to work closely with the clinics and hospitals in the area.


This coaching is intended for those serious entrepreneurs looking for the magic sauce. That secret stuff it is for those who are looking for the shortcut to learning what they need to know to be successful in business and life FAST.

Our goal is to offer hope and future to women and helping  woman to see  far.Because Govas believes that if woman can get support and be helped to see far she can reach too far.