My goal in creating Govas was to develop a line of products, programs and activities that empowering women. Our initial product line was developed to empower women through  small loans.The company has grown to include, business training programs,  coaching,workshops, and our newest  program is “Art &Handcrafts”

Veronica Swai  would best be described as an entrepreneur.I’m strong believer that “When you know better you do better “So I’m passionate about empowering women and encourage women to have more eggs in more than one basket and creating an extra stream of income.

(Chief Govas Officer)of Govas Institution, I’m  dedicated my time to developing workshops, business training,coaching business and travelling across country and Africa offering care, hope,stability and future in the women’s life and their business.

I have also found that women are more likely to try new things that will help to grow their business and  life both.

My job to help you create your vision and grow your business.

Thank you