8 Things that can lead you to start a Coaching Business

Business coaching is a  fairly professional that has started to establish itself in the business sector. I was reading one day and found the origins of course come from the sporting arena where coaches helped athletes achieve their goals.

One thing to know,Coaching is a slightly different concept to consulting. But in a nutshell,consulting implies that you identify a problem that a client has and you propose a solution. Coaching is more than making things easy that the client can self-help.

These are things I did when I started my coaching career and you can also apply if you’re serious on doing coaching business.

  1. Know  the problem you what to solve
  2. Go to that group of people or organization and see what they are doing, look at their strategic plan to give you a good start.
  3.  Look at market around you and position yourself  that I am a specific journalist business coach, small business coach or specific business coach concentrate  in IT industries,Manufacturing,Hospitality,Accounting  industries and so many.
  4. Set a coaching methodology  that will allow your clients to see where are they now? Where are they headed and what do they need to do to get there.
  5. Introduce useful reports like a score card report, KPI’s and others to make easily follow-up with your client and take your client to the next level.
  6. Categories your coaching style if it’s one on one coaching, group coaching or coaching over the phone and through email all is up to you.
  7.  Walks your talk-Always clients will like to take you as a mentor and Coach so try be a good example.
  8. Refresh yourself by attending coaching programs to improve your level of understanding about the whole process, and give you new ideas on how to improve customer’s satisfaction.

I will help you to achieve your goal of starting coaching business if you allow me to coach you. I can’t wait to hear from you


8 Things To Be Creative and Generate Twice Profit For Your Business

Well, we’re all unique—so why should we settle for the same product? According to the market research they are so many companies that serve the same products like my company but what I do is to give my product a taste and personalities from creativity knowledge and expertise I have .Because by doing that, I’m sure it will give twice the profit.

Let say you have company that makes popcorn, you can give your popcorn a flavor that nobody else giving .Creativity is a very BIG BIG deal to any business.

If you don’t know how to do, find a professional people to do it for you. After many years in business I came to realize that customers always looking for new things in the market.

If you agree with me you can follow these steps I give to make your business a perfect place for your customers and generate more profit for your business.

1.Find out what is missing from your competition. Remember customers want different things than you think they want. So from there you will
get an idea on how to give creativity chance to take your business to the next level

2.Find out what your market wants – Do it fast, this will help to influence your competition’s weaknesses and possibly to capture their customers easily

3.Try to ask you potential customers how happy are they with your product or service surveys, blog comments or even reading through forums  and other sites ,You can use this  techniques for finding out what’s going through your customer’s minds. And if you can get a few potential customers on the phone and start to talk to them, you’ll get pure gold.

4.Listen to your customers simply talk to them one-on-one. Get them on the phone and ask them what they need now, and what they’ll need later.

5.Listen to the specific words they use, and write them down. It takes time, but it’s an investment that will help you make more sales every day – and that’s more money in your pocket.

6.Ask your staff to see if they are comfortable with the service or product they sell, If not ask what more should you do to make it better.

7.Go with the technology, never afraid of technology, try to go with it, learn how you can adopt new things to your business from technology.

8.Be up to date by connecting with professional people like consultant, advisors and other expert, WHY, because these people see and hear a lot from other entrepreneurs (competitions)

Rolling your eyes over your business can tell there’s major creativity missing but it is yet to take care for your business. Stops imagine… and take action today.

I can be your help just email me for any question you have about this topic.


Hi friends,

Many of us know Oprah Winfrey as a pioneer on empowering
women to live their life.25 years of Oprah Winfrey show have shown greatest achievements not only to herself but to other people especially women who are in love and inspired with her life in general. I can really tell that I felt in love with Oprah Winfrey Show from the first day I watched her show in 2007 and I didn’t expect to hear that Oprah show is going to an end just like that. I’m telling you it was a very sad day to me but nothing to do than saying THANK YOU OPRAH for enlighten me in so many ways your among three women inspiring me a lot .Listening and watching to your shows it was something that gave me energy to continue doing with what I’m doing and find more how I can be a better person to me and to others.

I had loved to share Oprah’s message with my husband and other friends every day. I can say I was like addicted with her show. I quoted one sentence from one of the guests when I was watching her finale and she said this.”Oprah you don’t have your own children but you have many children around the world .I can’t tell you how much I cried when I was listening to that words.Oprah herself couldn’t stand to that words.

And these are 3 things I would like to share with you from Oprah finale show

1. You’re responsible for your life and energy you’re giving  to others-It is true Oprah and this means a lot to me that whatever life I  will end up with, I’m  the one who is  responsible  ,WHY because I  have the power to change the way I live ,the way I do things and more. The same applies to you my friend

2. Live your life-When I was trying to digest those words and trying to think why Oprah was saying that. And here are the reasons of her saying,we have to love the way we are, and try to help others to live their life and
make world a better place to live do things as if you have today only. So when you think into that way you will find yourself doing the best as much as you can  and treat others the same way

3.No matter where you came from-what making sense  is where you’re  going  (what dreams do you have)and  how are you going to fulfill them .She believes that everyone has the  power to do something ,also she believes that everyone has  been gifted since she or he was born. So is up to us to find where our muscle is.

I have tried to share with you some as I’m trying to spread the word and try to be a part of her movement  says “Find out how you can change someone Life”.

Thanks Oprah!

Is your vision bigger than your business?

If you’re like many small business entrepreneurs, you’ve set to get your business going, you’ve taken risks, overcome some obstacles and now your business is doing ok.And you want it to be doing great! That is what we all looking for because we didn’t start a business to stay mediocre. But to grow and rich to our profit line fast
May be you have asked for so many years what can I do for this business to grow big as I want it to be or as i see it in my vision? You’re now in dilemma to continue doing, change or quit. But I’m here to tell you that, there’s always a solution to every situation .

But you have to be ready to run a bit, I mean to do things that you have ever think that you could do .And one thing you should know first is, never-never  give up easily .Because if you give up someone will take advantage of you and suddenly you will find him or her excel from the same business you gave up. This happened once to me years back and I will never recommend you to go into that situation. It was very bad experience.
Take a pencil and piece of paper and start to write what hindering you business to be BIG .I know you will get many reasons if you will be true to yourself. But here are some things which may help you to hit to the point very quickly.
1. Try to restructure your management team-Try to see  if you could reform your management team to get a strong and active people in your team to take your business to the next level. Management is everything, so be very carefully to point someone to join the team.
2.Truly, Look at your service you provide-Is it well-balanced. Because I have seen some business entrepreneurs trying to please customers and forget to weigh out if they will do this to customers what the impact will be to the company. It is good to balance otherwise you will work under pressure and loss.
3. Look at you charges and fees. If there’s need of changing please do it. Let me give you a good example  may be you’re a transporter or manufacturer you  have seen that fuel surcharge has increase to may be 10% or 20% of your total cost due to  oil demand in the world market. As a business entrepreneur you have to do something quick if not you will not make any profit than pleasing a customer.

4. Create new things or new project-Staying in one project for so long, sometimes increase a chance for not growing so fast. So something has to be done, be creative with your team. Do enough research which will lead you to the adding something new.
5. Find any DORMANT area which  can be used as a ladder to reach into you big vision – Here it can be your staff, your bank, your partners, friends, relatives and social networking site. I remember when I started my business i was  like a crazy thinking and struggling that where and how can I raise my capital  and I’m telling you I was  completely forgotten that the people I have connected with, are the one who can help me to raise money. So be clever when you reach into that point.
Before I reach to an end of this  article let me give you the smallest secret tool I used to raise money at that time and I’m still using it. Be good on building your business credit card , in other countries where do not use a credit card please use your bank account smartly to produce money for your business by managing you’re cash follow .
Do these five steps and I guarantee that you are on your way toward taking your business to the next step, and see your big vision comes true if this is what you want? If you do nothing, well, you’ll stay just where you are

3 Things to consider before jump to Global competition

How to Succeed in the Biggest Market Opportunity,” the success comes when you get the ability to ask the right questions and find the right answers. Here is a touching questions.

Does my business have quality to compete the global market?

What about Quantity?am I capable to give enough quantity when needed?

What about financial stability? Do I have enough funds to support my business?

Let us go one by one question so we don’t miss the point

1. Financial StabilityHere is all about budgets, do you have enough fund to support your business. If not for now ,what plan do you have ?How much are you expecting to come in .Budget provide a foundation for planning of all kinds, preparing for a large cost, looking for a loan or investment and enable you to cross the border,I suggest you prepare a solid budget, which will let you see where you want to go.

2. Product quality Is the collection of features and characteristics of a product that contribute to its ability to meet given requirements. Or we can say is to creating standards for producing acceptable products.Okay, when we talk about product quality that includes three (3) views for describing the overall quality of product. First is the view of manufacturer who is primary concerned with design, engineering and manufacturing process involved in fabricating the product.So we need to be very carefully on this because this can lead to poor quality and low reliability

Second is the view of the consumer or user. A consumer looking a high –quality product that wills satisfies their favorites and expectations.

Third, is to consider the product itself as a system and to join those characteristics that pertain directly to the operation and functionality of the product. So the product should include overlap of the manufacturer and customer views.

3. Quantity-Is good to have your product ready. I mean if someone wants to order a quantity of 500-10000 of your product, it has to be ready otherwise you miss

Please take your time to make sure everything you need it’s there, to assure the possibility of winning the game (global market), here I mean all resources

Be ready to do business when you see a buyer

As you make your work available to the public, you want to make sure you have the proper preparation. Here there is no time to wait because this is the time you were waiting for. Stand up and do the needful. Make sure you deliver the best to your buyer. Remember when you treat you buyer nicely they will spread the word to other people and you will see yourself you get more buyers .

I’ve been in business for a while, and can see room for expansion in the future. How do I keep ready to do business when I see buyer? That is the question I always asking.

I’m going to show you want you can do;
1.Know to motivate buyer – Find a unique ways to inspire your buyer, always buyers looking for a seller who motivate.
2.Have the systems and tools in place to respond quickly or they will move on to their second choice

3.Be the first to read their mind

4.Provides much more effective ways for you to attract  buyers

5.Keep contact or information so you never forget  your  buyer

As a seller you realize that there will always be qualified buyers out there looking for you.And be ready to find out what the other sellers in your industry doing to grab the attention of these ideal buyers.

Now is your time, take action today and change your life. You are probably starting to see,I am passionate about empowering and what it can do to increase your profitability.


How do you see it?

Honor your Mother,Empower Woman

Dear friend,

As we prepare for mother’s day on May 8th .Govas is asking for your help of spread the word of love to every mother around the world

Govas is dedicated to helping poor women in Africa, Tanzania turn their  dreams for their children into a reality. By giving women access to small loans, useful information and income-generating opportunities, we help give these  hard-working mothers the boost they need to climb out of poverty and provide their children with the chance to reach their full potential.

Millions will celebrate Mothers’ Day. As you pay tribute to  your own mother, grandmother or other women who have greatly influenced your life, why not honor poor mothers around the world at the same time? When you send e-cards to any poor mothers, you’re not only saying thank you to your loved  one. You’re also honoring the strength and sacrifice of mothers in some of the  world’s poorest and most remote communities who work so hard to create a better future for themselves and their children.

Thank you for celebrating Mother’s Day with GOVAS!